canine fraud
How fake service dogs hinder the good work of real ones
Advocates predict the problem will only get worse

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The surprising reason to be proud of Australia's banknotes

There's a few reasons to be proud of Australia's banknotes: they don't disintegrate in the wash, they're handily colour-coded so you can easily tell your $10s from your $20s, and one more reason that might never have occurred to you.

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Staring into puppy dog eyes releases the same hormone as cuddling your baby

People experience a rush of the same bonding hormone they get from cuddling and child-rearing when they stare into the eyes of dogs, a study has found. And the dogs feel it too.

Raccoon busted washing mobile phone, shoe

The ever-worsening problem of fake assistance dogs

Service dog fraud in Australia is a problem that is expected to get worse, according to Richard Lord, the CEO of Assistance Dogs Australia.

Scythe-wielding man kicks whipper-snipper's butt

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