wtf, birds?
Angry birds
Pushing babies off cliffs and impressing potential lovers with corpses: The animal kingdom's most psychotic birds

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OMG: Absurdly cute ginger monkey born at Taronga Zoo

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Roomba chook just wants to help

Kids talk environmentalism

Kids talk saving the planet

On Kids Talk today, we discuss the environment and in particular, "global warning".

Gross, gooey sneeze captured in slow motion (for science)

Here's the latest captivatingly gross thing to be filmed in the name of science: snot and phlegm shooting out of a nose in slow motion. Thanks, science!

Korean drummer totally nails it, steals the show

Phuc Dat Bich: Name that seemed too good to be true is indeed to good to be true

You can't have missed this story in your news feed this week: a man desperate to convince Facebook that Phuc Dat Bich is his real, actual birth name. Except it isn't.